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Boise Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

You Have Every Right to Ride. You Shouldn't Be Blamed for Your Injuries.

The insurance defense lawyers will make the same claims every time: The motorcyclist was riding too fast for road conditions. They will say you didn't have sufficient training or skills to handle an unusual situation. They will call you reckless. To insurance companies, the motorcycle accident was your own fault. Our attorneys at Houst Law Office PLLC fight to overcome these assumptions and get you the compensation you need.

Experienced Boise and Meridian Motorcycle Collision Lawyers

At Houst Law Office PLLC, in Boise, our motorcycle accident lawyers know the real statistics behind bike crashes. In the large majority of cases, the driver of the car or other motor vehicle simply didn't see the bike. We also know that motorcycle crashes are frequently caused by other forms of negligence:

  • The driver of the car suddenly changes lanes, sideswiping the rider
  • The driver of the car pulls out in front of the motorcyclist, cutting off the rider
  • The driver of the car follows too closely and rear-ends the motorcyclist
  • The driver of the motor vehicle is texting while driving and causes the accident

We also know that defective motorcycle parts, such as tire defects, and defective gear, such as a defective motorcycle helmet, can play a significant role in the severity of the accident or bike injuries. We fully investigate the motorcycle accident to ensure we seek compensation from all responsible parties.

We Understand How a Motorcycle Crash Can Change Your Life

Motorcycle accidents can result in life-changing injuries and fatalities. Our Boise and Meridian motorcycle collision attorneys offer compassionate support to accident victims and their families, and we provide aggressive representation to ensure maximum compensation is recovered for their injuries. Our attorneys provide skilled legal help in motorcycle accident cases involving:

Our Idaho wrongful death attorneys also offer caring and experienced guidance to the families of fatal motorcycle crash victims.

We Know What It Takes to Win a Motorcycle Accident Case

To win a motorcycle accident case often means proving that you were squeaky clean and did nothing wrong at all. Unfortunately, simply arguing that you had the right of way isn't enough. Far too often, there is an unspoken ill-will toward motorcyclists among the public. This is true in Idaho and across the country.

To counter these challenges, we

  • Bring in expert witnesses and professional riders to prove that you knew the techniques of safe riding
  • Prepare your case to show that you understood the hand and foot braking system and defensive riding techniques
  • Show that you have specific certification beyond your motorcycle driver's license endorsement (when applicable)
  • Demonstrate the negligence of the other driver

Visit these pages to learn more about our experience with motorcycle accidents involving:

Contact our Boise motorcycle accident lawyers. In your free initial consultation, we can discuss the circumstances of your motorcycle accident injury or wrongful death claim as well as answer any questions. We will not charge attorneys' fees until we help you recover compensation.


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