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Boise Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

A slip-and-fall claim requires a lasting injury and hinges on whether the proprietors were negligent by creating or ignoring the dangerous condition.

The Boise law firm of Houst Law Office PLLC has secured compensation in premises liability lawsuits throughout Idaho. But these are very fact-specific cases. We invite you to contact us promptly for a free case evaluation and professional investigation.

Boise Slip & Fall Injury Attorneys

Bruises or wounded pride are not grounds for a claim. But if you fractured an arm or ankle, broke your hip, hit your head, or otherwise suffered serious or permanent injury, you may have a case. A negligent property owner would be on the hook for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any lasting disability.

Our Boise slip & fall injury lawyers have sued grocery chains, retail stores, restaurants, owners of apartment buildings and parking lots, and a range of other property owners. The key to a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall lawsuit is whether the owner/property manager (a) had notice of a hazard or (b) should have known of it through routine maintenance and inspection.

For example, freezing rain in a parking lot is not negligence if you slipped before the owner could reasonably address it. But if the proprietor failed all day to put out salt crystals or shovel new snow that covered up black ice, there may be liability. Our skill is in digging beyond the obvious:

  • We won damages in a supermarket slip-and-fall on squished grapes by demonstrating that another store used different slip-resistant mats in its produce section.
  • We successfully sued an Albertson's store that prided itself on its shiny floors. Our investigation showed that the glossy surface came at the expense of safety — the coefficient-of-slip index was very close to sheer ice!

Free Initial Consultation

What makes a good case? We encourage you to let our veteran personal injury attorneys assess your specific circumstances. From decades of experience and results, we often find negligence in cases that other lawyers might turn away, and we can extract extra value in settlements because we know what your injuries are really worth.

Call 208-342-3501 or 877-293-9300 or contact us online. If we take your case, there are no attorney fees or costs of investigation unless we recover compensation.


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