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Bed Sores and Nursing Home Infections

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Bed sores, also known also as decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcers, form quickly and are easily prevented. But this does not mean they are minor injuries. They can lead to painful, life-threatening infections and even be fatal.

The most effective way to deal with bed sores is to prevent them. Prevention is time-consuming and requires proper staffing because immobilized patients must be turned every two hours.

Though nursing home owners and managers are aware of the constant threat that bed sores pose to their residents, the rate of bed sore injuries in the U.S. remains high. At the law firm of Houst Law Office PLLC, in Boise, firm attorneys Stuart Carty and Henry Houst Jr. know how to hold nursing homes accountable for negligence. We work to increase nursing home safety by helping families recover financial compensation following bed sore injuries. This forces nursing homes to change their ways by hitting them in the pocket book.

Has your loved one developed bed sores while under the care of a nursing home or other care facility? Bed sores are preventable and inexcusable. If you need help in pursuing a fair legal outcome following bed sore injuries, contact Houst Law Office PLLC at 208-342-3501 or 877-293-9300.

Under staffing can play a major role in negligence leading to bed sores. So can improper screening; nursing homes have an obligation to hire care attendants who are willing and able to provide the care residents need.

We can draw on our many decades of nursing home negligence legal experience to fully investigate your bed sore injury claim and pursue damages from insurers and other compensation sources. For a no-charge discussion of your bed sore or other nursing home negligence claim, call 208-342-3501 or 877-293-9300. You can also contact us online.

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