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Food Poisoning Lawyer in Boise

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60 Years of Combined Personal Injury Law Legal Experience in Boise

Many food poisoning injuries go unreported. People may just write off the stomach pain that can be a first symptom. Victims often do not understand the nature of their illness or origin of their problem, and are often unaware that many other people were injured similarly.

Food Poisoning-Related Injuries in Idaho

Pursuing a food poisoning claim can be difficult. Who is responsible; a local restaurant or grocery store, or a food processor in another state? And who can conclusively prove a causal link between food eaten days or weeks ago and current serious and ongoing problems?

The food poisoning attorneys of the Boise law firm of Houst Law Office PLLC are recognized leaders in Idaho personal injury law. With seven decades of personal injury legal experienced, lawyers Stuart Carty and Henry Houst Jr. have investigated many hundreds of claims and negotiated with and litigated against countless insurers. Have you been diagnosed with one of the following illnesses?

  • E. coli poisoning
  • Hepatitis A
  • Salmonella
  • Botulism

We have the resources and medical and legal knowledge to fully investigate your claim, work with medical experts to document symptoms and injuries and pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Have you suffered a food-related illness in the Boise area? Contact the attorneys of Houst Law Office PLLC for experienced legal help. Call 208-342-3501 or 877-293-9300.

As an established firm, we have the resources both to "carry" financial outlays over months and years and to incur the travel and other expenses that often accompany food poisoning lawsuits. And our personal injury legal experience in Idaho is almost unmatched; our decades of experience includes not only many years of plaintiff-oriented work, but also experience working for insurers like those your case will likely be filed against. For more information regarding our services and your rights following a brain injury, contact our office.

Contact a Boise food poisoning injury attorney today.

Houst Law Office PLLC is available for off-hour appointments and home and hospital visits and offers Spanish language and other language translation. We also offer free initial consultations and charge no fees unless we collect compensation for you. To contact us, call 208-342-3501 or 877-293-9300.


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